McKinney Inspection Services (MIS)

Mark is a Licensed Professional Home Inspector.  He combines his specialized training with over 40 years of Carpentry, Construction and Renovation skills to provide a detailed and thorough property inspection.

       Texas Real Estate Commission ID #= 21965

Our Inspection Services

Retail Home Inspections

Purchasing a pre-owned home?  We provide  complete top-to-bottom home inspections which can provide details to help the home buyer make a quality decision on your choice  

New Construction Inspection

Building or purchasing a  New Build home?  We offer a variety of inspections to assist you in being confident that your new home is constructed properly and meets your expectations

11 / 12 Month Inspections

Already living in a new build home?  Most builders offer 12 to 24 month warranties . We can provide you with a detailed inspection for use in requesting repairs, replacements or improvements prior to the expiration of your initial warranty period

Commercial Inspections**

Planning on purchasing an existing commercial property or building a new one, MCS can inspect it for your business prior to closing.

**Commercial  inspections are limited to single story construction which are 6000 SF or less

Pre-Listing Inspection

Planning on Selling Your Home?  MCS can perform an inspection of your property prior to listing it.   Inspecting before you sell may prevent surprises from a buyer's paid inspection

Inspection Certifications

InterNACHI Home Inspector


MIS  - Certified InterNACHI Home Inspections  

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InterNACHI Guarantee


 McKinney Inspection Services are backed by InterNACHI 

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 MIS offers Certified InterNACHI  Deck Inspections 

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 MIS offers Certified InterNACHI Roof Inspections 

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Inspection Pricing

Important Consumer Information


McKinney Inspection Services is Licensed by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC)

I.D. # 21965 - Mark McKinney