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I have had positive mentors in multiple arenas of life.  My experiences have provided me with a solid foundation to offer my clients a variety of unique skills which I sincerely believe can help them achieve their goals...


Summary of  My Experiences, Accomplishments & Qualifications


1975 Chesapeake High School

1975-1977 Marshall University 

1977-1999 Chrysler Corporation - Industry Training

2002 Ohio State University - CTE Certificated Program

2013 Columbus State Community College - Associates Degree - Automotive Technology

2016 American Home Inspectors Training Institute (AHIT) 


1976 - 1979 Service Advisor – Chevrolet and Chrysler Dealerships

1979 - 1999 ASE Master Automotive Technician – Chrysler Dealerships

1989 - Present  Home Renovation and Repair - Self Employed

1999 - 2015 Instructor of Automotive Technology – Delaware Area Career Center

2004 - 2015 Adjunct Automotive Instructor – Columbus State Community College

1992 - 2015 Owner of MAC’S Home Projects Co. – Home Renovation & Repair

2015 - 2019 President of DSP Inc. – Home Inspection, Maintenance and Repair

2018 - Present:  ATech Training -  Educational Trainer

2012 - Present: Agate Publishing Co. - SME / Automotive Curriculum Developmentse

2007 - Present:  ASE Evaluation Team Leader (ETL) - ASE Education Foundation (f.k.a., NATEF) 

2017 - 2019 Consultant / SME Automotive Programs - Collin County Community College  

2010  State of Ohio - Board of Regents – Statewide Articulation Committee

2011, 2013 Ohio State University - Automotive Curriculum Review Committee

2015 Texas Department of Education - Teachers License – Trade and Industry K-12

2016 - Present: Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) - Licensed Professional Home Inspector 

2019 - Present:  President - McKinney Consulting Services

ASE Certifications:

Master Automotive Technician (A1 - A8) 

Advanced Level Engine Performance (L 1)

Maintenance & Light Repair (G-1)

Refrigerant License

1999 - 2015 Automotive Instructor:

Automotive Technology - Managed all aspects of a High School Automotive Technology Program 

     o 11th and 12th grade level students, 18 to 25 students per class

     o Budget preparation monitoring and management

     o Advisory committee development, coordination and maintenance

     o Active customer service facility performing regular automotive repairs

     o All related daily teacher responsibilities · ASE  Accredited Program

     o Maintained ASE Program accreditation for entire 16 years of program management

             Enhanced program standards, learning and outcomes to meet  all district, state initiatives                                                 

     o Managed all aspects related to ASE Accreditation renewals

Automotive Youth Education System (AYES) Internship Program: 

     o Train The Trainer - Mentor and Intern training

     o Employer contact - OTJ scheduling & monitoring of interns

School Construction - collaborated with administration & construction company during 1.5 years of major addition to school facilities including design, equipment bids, weekly construction meetings and project monitoring.

Ohio Education Association - DACC Education Association:

     o Union Treasurer - Two terms

     o Union President - Three terms

     o Contract Negotiations Team

     o Conflict Resolution

Professional Development - Created and Delivered Staff Professional Development 

Transportation Programs Committee -  Chair 

State of Ohio Teacher’s Evaluation Program - mentor and local trainer


1971 - 1975 High School Athletics, Band

1994 Federal Aviation Administration - Private Pilot License, Washington DC

2001 Hole-In-One (my personal favorite)

2012 City of Delaware - Delaware Citizens Academy graduate, Ohio

2018 - Present  - McKinney Municipal Utility District - Board of Directors, MUD 1

Adolescence to Present  - An ever evolving set of woodworking skills (thanks to my father)

Mark McKinney Licensed Professional Home Inspector

Mark McKinney Licensed Professional Home Inspector